10 Soft Skills Employers Are Seeking

10 Soft Skills Employers Are SeekingThe more you know what employers want, the better you can present yourself to help land the job! While we mostly tend to focus on hard, work skills in interviews, employers are also interested in soft skills you possess. You may realize you have much more to offer employers than just your work experience.

Professionalism: As soon as a company hires you, you represent them to the public. Employers want to make sure candidates will represent them professionally and show a good face to the rest of the world if hired.

Energy: Energy and enthusiasm go hand-in-hand. Employers want candidates who are excited about the company and position, who can motivate clients and fellow staff to meet targets and exceed expectations.

Confidence: If you’re confident in your skills and competencies you’ll be able to better convince employers (as well as customers and clients if hired) that they should be confident in you.
Communicating Effectively: Employers want candidates who can communicate effectively. This includes being a good listener, able to get your point across, engage an audience and display appropriate emotional responsiveness. Being able to communicate clearly through writing is also a highly valued skill.

Self-motivation: Employers rarely want employees who sit back and wait for someone to hand them work to do. They want employees who are able to see what needs to be done to do their job effectively and implement new ideas. Being self-motivated also means learning new tasks willingly, taking initiative on new projects, seeking out trainings that could benefit the company, and having a desire and willingness to grow in the position.

Good Interpersonal skills: No one wants to work with someone who’s hard to get along with. Having a positive attitude and being able to work well with others is a necessary skill in most positions. Being able to accept criticism and also give constructive criticism are valuable traits to have.

Ability to make good decisions: The ability to make good decisions stems from having good analytical and critical thinking skills, as well as organizing your time and tasks accordingly so you can accomplish everything you need to. This is a key trait employer’s look at for management potential.

Leadership Abilities: Many employers look for leadership attributes when interviewing candidates. They want to see that you can supervise fellow staff successfully and have the potential for management positions in the future. Some qualities included are being a self-starter, looking for ways to improve performance, being persistent and having ambition.

Flexibility: In our current technology age where change happens rapidly, adapting to different environments and emerging market trends is vital to a company’s success. This also includes being open-minded to changes in your role and tasks.

Creativity and Innovation: Employers like candidates who are willing to think outside the box to deliver new strategies and solutions to problems. Rather than having employees who are going to keep doing the same thing day in and day out, employers want someone who can think critically and change things up to deliver the best results.

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