7 Tips For Doing Your Research Before An Interview

You’ve perfected your resume and cover letter, sent out dozens of job applications, and now you finally get called in for a face-to-face interview. It’s imperative for you to do your research about the company beforehand. You’ll be able to ask intelligent, relevant questions during the interview, tailor the information you share in the interview to the values and services the company provides and get a better idea if this is a company you even want to work for. Doing your research will give you an edge over the competition and make you stand out as hardworking, prepared and serious about the position.

Job Description:

The job description is the first thing you should look at before the interview. Read the job description and know it inside and out. This can help you learn what the position’s role is in the company, what kind of experience they’re looking for and some of the key tasks you’ll be expected to perform in the position. Knowing the job description can help you tailor the examples and experiences you share in the interview.

Company Website:

It’s a good idea to check out the company’s website next. Look at the mission statement and values the company professes to see what’s important to them and how they position themselves in the industry. Check out products and services, leadership, partnerships and models they use.


Unless this is a last-minute interview, it’s not enough just to skim over the company website. Look at the organizational aspects of the company. Who are the board members, when was the company started, check for investor relations, share prices, turnover rates, etc. This will set you apart if you demonstrate in the interview that you know where the company stands, who the competitors are and what’s at stake for them.

Search Social Media:

Many companies now have a social media presence. If they do, they’re likely to share more intimate news and updates with followers. Try to connect to their social media pages before your interview and look through past information they’re sharing. Make sure to check LinkedIn to see if you have any connections to the company through your own contacts and to look for employees of the company. Try to learn some basic information about your interviewers if you know who it will be.

Recent News:

Search the internet for recent news and events about the company. You may learn some very telling information through news articles. You can learn about new partnerships or products launched by the company, relationships to other competitors in the field and higher management changes. Just be sure not to bring up any negative press or controversial topics during the interview.

Products and Services:

No matter what company or organization you’re interviewing with, they have particular products and services they offer and ways they position themselves in the field to set themselves apart. You should know details about the products or services the company offers as well as the methodology they use to deliver services.

Industry Websites and News:

It’s not enough to know about the company without knowing its relation to the broader industry. Look for industry-related websites and recent news about the industry to put the company in context and show employers that you understand the current state of affairs in the field.

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