Social Media Strategies To Find Job Success

Find Job Success

Standing Out from the Crowd using Social Media

In today’s competitive job market, If you’re looking for a way to stand out from the large crowd of job applicants out there, try using your social media expertise! With most companies using social media to reach out to their fans and supporters nowadays, it’s easier for you to engage with companies you’re applying to beforehand and start getting your name out there; or showcase your knowledge, creativity and writing skills through your own social media sites.

Connect to employer’s social media platforms:

With so many companies and organizations now using social media, job seekers have new ways to connect with these companies. Take a look at companies you’re interested in, start following their social media sites and try to get involved in discussions and polls. You can start making yourself familiar to employees of the company by contributing intelligent and interesting posts and responses to their content. You can also mention in your interview that you’ve been following their social media pages and comment on an interesting link they posted.

Blog about information related to the field:

Believe it or not, people have landed jobs by having brilliant blogs that showcase their creativity and talent related to their industry. If you’re trying to get a job in graphic design and you have examples of some projects you’ve worked on and your page screams “graphic designer”, you may just be able to give yourself an edge over the other candidates. There are a lot of ways to gain experience in your field and display your skills by creating a relevant blog and obtaining followers.

Use your LinkedIn and other social media accounts:

If you have a particularly impressive social media page such as a LinkedIn account or Blog, try adding your URL to your executive resume. The majority of hiring managers and recruiters say they will click on a link on a resume if an applicant has provided it. If you’re engaged in relevant groups and discussions in your field, your social media sites can help you show employers that you’re serious, knowledgeable and engaged in the profession.


As much as social media can now help you land a job, it can also hurt your chances if you’re not careful. Whether we like it or not social media has decreased boundaries and privacy, making it easier for the public to see personal information about us. If you’re trying to build up an image of yourself as a competent, serious professional and you have pictures all over of you being intoxicated, peeing on the sidewalk, etc. you might ruin your chances with some companies. Some employers actually mention not hiring candidates because of the terrible grammar they use on their social media accounts. This is something we don’t really think about but can form a negative impression to prospective employers.

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